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CGW Netservices

The #1 Leader In Web Hosting

Every month, thousands of new customers choose CGW Netservices why? Because we offer the most flexible web hosting plans and the most profitable reseller program in the industry. You will compete with other businesses worldwide by hosting your website on CGWs Managed Server System and multiple OC fiber-optic connectivity. Managed and Dedicated clients benefit from powerful website hosting solutions and superb support provided by CGW Netservices. Whether you prefer Linux or Unix hosting, Windows hosting, or co-location, we have a solution for you.

Our customers benefit from our industrial strength infrastructure:

  • Dual OC-192 fiber optic connectivity
  • Multiple backbones: AT&T DS-3UUNET OC-12, and TimeWarner OC-48
  • Dual OC-12 Lucent and Alcatel multiplexers
  • Cisco routers and switches
  • Ultra-fast, multi-processor RAID servers
  • SONET technology for maximum redundancy, fault tolerance, and load balancing
  • NOC routes IP traffic down the fastest path using BGP4 protocol


Our connections are the best connections. We do not use cheap cogent bandwith - we are connected directly to several TIER 1 providers! They are run straight into our data center, and your servers are the first to get zapped with these unrestrained highways. DimeNoc is located in a multi-homed connection.


Access to the data center is restricted to those holding military-grade pass cards. Furthermore, complete access to our floor is screened by security guards at the front desk, 24/7. You can be secure in knowing that only a handful of highly-trained, level-three technicians will be allowed within close physical proximity of your server.


CGW uses Cisco routers and switches, exclusively. Cisco is a tried and true manufacturer, and since we use nothing but the best, they are our only choice for all network hardware. Using such industry-leading equipment is of utmost importance to us; therefore, we have wisely made major investments with Cisco. We consider the expense secondary to the quality provided to our customers. Cisco’s track record speaks for itself; we only want the best long-term and dependable solutions for our clients.


The power systems in our data center are designed to run uninterrupted, even in the unlikely event of a total power outage. All servers are fed with conditioned UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) power that will run if utility power fails. The UPS power subsystem is "N+1" redundant with instantaneous fail over in case the primary UPS fails.


Our data center's HVAC (Heating and Ventilation Air Conditioning) system is also "N+1" redundant to ensure that, even in the event of an entire HVAC system failure, there is a duplicate system on standby to take over. An advanced fire-suppression system is in place to prevent any fire from spreading, in the unlikely event that one would even start. All cables to servers and routing equipment are securely tied down, and cable racks suspended from the ceiling provide dual routes for all cables. This ensures that, in the event that all cables on a cable rack are cut or burned, packets of data will automatically be routed to a second set of cables on the other side of the data center.

Climate Control

Climate control means that the air conditioning units monitor the temperature outside of the building and compare it to the temperature inside of the building. Of course, it is much more complicated than that description. Basically, the most important factors are: maintaining internal temperature despite external temperature and monitoring humidity, airflow, and cleanliness of the air. We have 4 Data Aire air conditioning units that provide optimal conditions for equipment operations. This is why our servers run so smooth and fast. Click here to see a more detailed description of just how clean and cool the air is inside of our data center.


We invest a significant amount of time and money into making sure our staff is knowledgeable and capable of helping and handling our customers with patience and care. Our staff also invests a great amount of time and care into us, and each of them knows that they work with a company that places people first. We help companies put their dreams online – affordable pricing and great equipment mean nothing if the staff providing these sevicies is not top-notch. A company is only as good as the people who work there, and a network is only as good as the people managing it. It all takes teamwork and expertise, and CGW does what it takes.


The talented staff we speak of works around the clock to ensure that our network is operating at optimum state at all times. We continually review our collected statistics with very precise care and attention. We closely watch for traffic trends so we can react with the proper routing adjustments and bandwidth additions. We choose to have a monitoring system projected on an entire wall and viewable at all times by anyone who walks into our offices.

Again, the #1 Leader in Web Hosting

With our Service Plans and Prices, we offer unmatched performance and value. We invite comparison. Our Reseller Web Hosting Program has been Rated #1 in the Industry by Ratehosts, Net Computing and Fast Reseller. We guarantee anonymity and provide marketing assistance. Capitalize on our FREE Shopping Cart, marketing and sales assistance. We are continuously developing new technologies and launching value-added solutions for our customers and resellers – such as our industry-first I-MHIP platform - to maximize your competitive advantage.
We strive to make your web presence a business success and support customers from over 137 countries. CGW Netservices is customer centric and committed to providing excellent, ongoing service to help your business grow. We exist to deliver value and performance to the customer - everything else is secondary. Our reputation as an industry leader is superb. In short, we want to be your web hosting partner and are prepared to prove it day after day in this new, fast-paced, and exciting era of the Internet.



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